5 Reasons Why You Should Like Mexicans

The next time someone starts badmouthing your neighborhood Mexican, you look them in the eye and tell them “sabes que dude…,”

“5 reasons why you should like Mexicans”

  1. They Invented Tequila– Whether you like drinking tequila or not, tequila helps people get pregnant.
  2. They Invented Burritos– This 2000 year old ancient recipe of beans, rice, salsa, and meat wrapped in a delicious tortilla, was the original fast food to go.
  3. They’re Hard workers– If a Mexican gets shot in the head, hit by a car, or struck by lightning, they will still show up to work with a smile on their face.
  4. They’re Fun People– Have you ever been to a Mexican Quinceañera? A Mexican Wedding!!?
  5. They’re Resourceful– Don’t worry, if there is a Mexican around, they will find some magical way to get you home safely, or open that crucial bottle of beer with a spoon, a stick, or whatever else is near by.

Thanks Mexicans!