Stilo Mexico Redux

Working hard, 3, 4, 5 jobs
that’s stilo mexico
People ask me if I nine trey gang bang
I’m gonna have to say no
I’m a cholo 2.0
I’m a thug life Ross Perot
I’m a Duke Nukem soldier
anti-partisan when I vote
Get it out of my throat
Make a cake a go smoke
Making music, playing FIFA
making money is my goal
Back it up no tough no grind
Back it up no poke no sign
Back it up no pay no mind
thoughts awake and chains aside

Stilo Mexico, thats how I get all my dough x2
Victamized, that shit no mas
Reconize that shit allright

Ho slip, no shit
bullshit, I’m spitting straight from the hip
I’m supersized larger than life
Get it good on point no knife
I’m hella sharp, ballet dancing
Plie on your face and smack it
hella fire no platinum package
I’m on the bus,
king of rappin
that’s wassup you know my name
no alias, just bold and plain
formally known as FBG
But I studied hard to write symphonies
All you know you can’t mess with this
Take a picture and have sex with this
Record execs perplexed with this
Independent and blessed with this
Book knowledge, street knowledge
MCdees to music college

Call me Mr. Ill
cuz I don’t need no record deal
I’m hella cholo, I’ll say what I want
wear what I got when I want
My Mexicaness si se puede
Yes we can shit didn’t change it
Same ol thang, different day
don’t con me dude, no naci buey
I’m hella tough, I don’t back down
pick your own fruit from the ground
I’m tired of people talking shit of
hard working immigrants
Build your wall as high as you want
and clean your own smelly bathroom stalls
I came up, I ain’t playing
I’m hella truth, I ain’t playing

Renaissance Ninja

Bang, bang, allright
I’m wassup its my time to go bat
I’ma have to jack your crew
solo style with my flow and prove
that oohh yeah judo chop in this mothafucker
block in this mothafucker, pop and a damn
black belt and so fresh
my style so James Bond and coquet
I’m James Brown soul and cold and so def
flow ala B.G. gets you so wet
How you gonna drop me?
stop beats like these
on 3, lets see, I be
honestly the track trap on
wobblin basses and rappin
whatever its crackin’
A Live its on, survivor zone,
the drivers zone, the microphone
the drive is on – uhh

Back for the second set
my spaceship beats gonna make you sweat
I swoop on the popular
poppin’ ya, dropin’ ya
locking both arms with king tut palms
I windmill ninjitsu on call
akuma ragin demon yall?
I’m hip hopin in the locker hall
Ain’t flippin the flip flop
politican lollipop
tapatio ’til I drop
Beans, rice, cheese overseas
cuz I’ll take you to the taco shop
that’s wassup, rap it up
and smack it up and laugh it up
cuz my vernculating cunning rhymes is so fly
guess why?
Jeet Kune Do, that’s how I flow
write shit down my formless flo
uber oozes like TMNT
I’m a renaissance ninja
I thought you knew

Post Picasso prose awakes comatose
It don’t stop cuz that’s the hip hop
Over saturation on top chains us down to platinum
and slaves us down to bland flock
What have you done for me lately but
remind me of how shiny and pricy your icy life be
forget the lime light fortified by frost bite
some how wealth equals sex equals money, power, and respect?
How can life be like chasing illusions of gain
perpetuating pain on top of a pyramid game
only for selfishness?
How can we raise a generation without questioning
the tools that we’re slippin’ in our pockets
are preventing the potential to realize never dying diviness?
I think I am, I am I think
I question life and wisdom seek

Beans Rice Overseas

Beans, Rice Overseas
805 to the Japanese

I’ve been writing rhymes since jr. high
I’ve been beat boxing since I was nine
I was playing drums since I was five
playing keys from time to time
I’m repping down town Santa Barbara
making beats to stay alive
that beats so coo coo
I’m done paying dues
so the flo is do-do-do
and they loving what I do
I got yummy sound so cholo
space beats han solo
hunnies take my photo
Milk chololate mofo

Locofied that bass just shakes
that 808’s gonna make that bank
I’m pouring tequilla, two margaritas
thank you Madonna, Isla Bonita
Tropical chocolate shakes
that kalua and rum is gonna make that taste
9-5 sippin straws ‘ery day
another tequilla, another chaquita
I’m flowing bologna, you know the script
make them hits and cash it quick
I’m flowing bologna, you know the script
make them hits and cash it quick
I’m hella dough
I’m hella dough

I’ve been writing rhymes since jr. high
I was battle rappin at San Marcos High
I’ve studying music getting degrees
sbcc, ucsb
minimum wage, yeah that was me
know I’m at Cal Arts loosing my mind
Darth Vader that vibe,
Homie still ghost riding that ride
you know I’ll tip toe, you know and flow
and kamasutra that rhyme -uhh
get on up and shake that shit
hurry up and make me rich
sexify that beat go get
recognize and make it hit

Sexy Sexy Chola Queen


And I swear,
That miniskirts, got me thinking I don’t give a fuck
I’m gonna spit that greezy game around and test my luck
I’ll smile for you baby
then I’ll bounce and duck, I’m gonna dip for real yeah

And I swear I
I’m gonna spit that juicy game, cuz I don’t give a fuck
I’m gonna sweep that honey off her feet and go nuts
I’m gonna win for real baby
hope she’s down to ride
cuz I’m a bad mother fucking cholo

Sexy cholo
cuz I’m a bad one
Sexy chola
Cuz I’m a get one

Cuz get it good, get it right
she can do it all night
she’s a sexy sexy chola queen

Lodi Dodi doo
I’m a addicted to you
but you’ll never know
cuz i’m mister super cool
I love tights, I love heels
I love woman dressed to kill
I love love, I love love
I love love, I love loving baby
hold me down,
I’m going get feel you up and down
I’m going make you run around my little finger
round and round
don’t sweat it girl
what you got
I’m going make you mad and hot
I’ll intimidate you, pounce and stop
I’ll invigirate you with laughs and plots and thoughts of twisted
voyeristic missions of submission
hand cuffed by venutian love
can you handle it?
melted candlesticks, sense of passioness, ambience, crimson fabricness, ooohhh
words are my toy thang
I’m your boy thang
I’ll make your toes curl and your voice sang
plus I’m hoping i’ll keep you joking
I’ll push you good til groping,
provoking intellectual groping
and pinot noir toasting
I’m coasting, I’m invoking love baby
get it good, love baby get it good
love baby get it good

good thang,
She’s a good, she’s a good, she’s a good thang

Soulfully twisted
Martinis explicit
the ladies they talking,
I’m smiling, I listen
I’m vicious, precocious,
mitosis, atrocious
unruly ferocious
marooned in oceans of love potions baby
Get it girl, let’s go get it
jacuzzi, wine and fine linens
gourmet buffet cuisine pimpin
leather sofas and incense
I’m so sickness, show me love with the quickness
all business, on the 405 slippery slickness,
merry christmas, unwrappin rappin for the woman
Roscoe’s waffles and chicken with no morning sickness baby

I’m on Fire

Sex pose
Strip tease
Give me sex, sex, sex
Uh huh uh huh

Beans, rice, enchiladas
margaritas with my momma
don’t tell me to not hot sauce
strike a pose bitch – i’m a boss
I get stupid, I get drunk
get the munchies with good skunk
I see London, I see France
Bitch, stop staring at my ass
get it, forget about the edible face talk, sweet twitterness
and variatal grapes
A simpleton haste in a simpleton place
so many toys I’ll make a simpleton break
I’m a Jungle lova – keep a secret
somebody screamin, doors locked
somebody strugglin, wigglin, bleeding
never will the cops find em breathing
just somebody hanging and pleadin
i’ll go ahead and repeat it
I’m on fire

Get it, get it, get it – good
I’m soo mis understood
I see London, I see France
and your still staring – at my ass
I told you once and I told you twice
I’m so bitch miss naughty nice
If you want it, I’ll give you some
make you cross-eyed, purr and hum
Nasty boys say “what it do”
limpy nerdy boys don’t have a clue
get it, get it, do it
slip a twenty to do it do it
a slippery conduit
a wrap on, mister creepy
I’ve been drinking, i’m so freaky
I’m like shake it, shake it, shake it cum
I’m shape shift sticking like Shang Tsung

Kimchi Burrito

Kimchi burrito!
It’s spicy, and tasty

Bitch don’t touch that taco
Bitch don’t touch my taco

Oooh my taco
Bitch don’t touch my taco
Bitch don’t touch that taco

I’m crazy, people think that I’m on crack
amazing when they hear me switch that rap
I’m blazing canabil cannibus crap
don’t faze me
I’m vogue-ing in the 90’s back
I’m boss – slap a homie
see i’m pissed and I’m pissed drunk with tacos and
and he forgets my sauce
I dont tip that
I keep sipping my booze
I’m gonna tap that, and liven up my food
have you heard of it
kimchi soul
It’s all I dream about
soju soul
I go tip top shape into the bbq don’t stop
I drip and dribble drabble
I live that
I’m loving all I eat
cuz the booze don’t stop and the bulgogi’s double dipped
I’m done yeah
I’m drunk and hella food
I’m gonna drink some mas with the homies in the crew

My Baby Knows Karate

My baby kicks ass
High heels on the chopin’ block
Her sexy lovin’ just wont stop
She yogas and she looks real hot
(Ooh yeah)
When she’s mad she’s hot
(Ooh yeah)
I’m horny
(Ooh yeah)
My baby knows karate
My baby knows karateeee
Cuz when she’s cool, she’s smooth and dude
She buys me lot’s of nice stuff
My baby kicks ass
She mini-skirts and cleans and cooks
She’s always getting smiles and looks
She’s super smart and reads things called ‘books’
(Ooh yeah)
all my homies by like
(Ooh yeah)
more soju
(Ooh yeah)
Cuz when she’s cool, she’s smooth and dude
She buys me lot’s of nice stuff

shake it cholo bounce

Semper fie my love baby
cum laude my cum baby
everytime i see you round the
butterflies go dumb
you make me wanna hakuna matata this thug baby
flash a westside and make love baby
I’m a tie you up in the back of my trunk
we’ll have fun in can cun and kiss rum
I know you wanna touch
I know you wanna kiss
I know you wanna go to France and get rich
I know you wanna sing
I know you wanna dance
I know you want confident romance baby
get on up and get yo man baby
on the flo and let go baby
give it up with sexy strut
go strike a pose thats whats up baby