Dirt Ass Broke

I’m dirt ass broke x3
I’m dirt ass broke baby

I got no money, I got no benz
I dont’even have 5 bucks to go to Starbucks with my friends
My checking account is low, so the bank charges me a fee
I can’t pay it on time, so they charge me another fee
It overdrafts, so I got another fee
but when it happens to the banks,
they get bailed out for free
this shit aint fare,
but that’s the price for freedom
when someone tells the truth
they shuffle down and delete ’em

I got nothing to loose
I’m so in over my head
I wouldn’t even want that jewelry noose
shining around my neck
They say get a job
but I already done did
that minimum wage is
helping me out shit
So I switched that job
and started making them tips
but it only came out
to 80 bucks a shift
I thought I’d make music
I’m sick on the microphone
but what you don’t know is
I’m hundred K in student loans

Everywhere I go
I’m on a hamster wheel
the more debt I owe
the more I don’t have to deal
with those hard ass facts
that hard ass truth
I’m on the verge of being homeless
I got nothing to loose
Everybody knows real money comes from drugs
how many white collar business
are in the business of drugs
and the CIA?
They’re probably in it too
they got wars overseas
and wars under our noses too