String Quartet No. 1

Premiered by: Isaura String Quartet

April 5th, 2014 at SPACE Arts Center

Brief Description: 5 miniature movements est. 7′

Program Notes:

In a language incorporating Argentine tango and hip-hop, String Quartet No. 1 paints a Webern-esque tapestry in 5 miniature movements. The emotional anguishes and passions represented in this piece are the very same links that make up the fabric of human experience. The five movements of String Quartet No. 1 represent snapshots of different vignettes across human history. The emotional bonds fluctuate through restated motifs being permutated throughout the movements.

String Quartet No. 1 Full Score

String Quartet No. 1 Violin I

String Quartet No. 1 Violin II

String Quartet No. 1 Viola

String Quartet No. 1 Violoncello

Violin Study No. 1

Commisioned by: Mona Tian

Premiered: February 22nd, 2013 at CalARTS

Brief Description: Fusing Argentine Tango techniques and modern atonal aesthetics, Violin Study No. 1 is not only a piece that technically challenges the performer, but acts as a physiological mirror. Est. 7′

Program Notes: Memories and dreams are what shape our present realities. Sometimes they can help us find ourselves and sometimes, they can haunt us. The main lyrical theme of the piece represents our moment-to-moment reality. It is constanly interrupted and influenced by our memories of the past, and our worries of the furure. The constant fluctuation of the E-F motif during the whole of the piece, is the ripples of experience that shape our lives.

Violin Study No. 1


The Starchild Suite

Recorded: 2010 at UCSB by Jeremy Haladyna

Brief Description: A suite consisting of five solo piano minatures inspired by the Starchild Skull found in the southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico. Est Time 6′

Program Notes: Each piece focuses on different 20th Century compositional techniques and represents a different scene in the Starchild narrative.

I. The Arrival    II.Serenade for the Starchild    III. Hymn for the Taken Ones    IV. Scattered Memories     V. Higher Conciousness

The Starchild Suite