Modelos y Bon Bon

Modelos y bon bon

Summertime winnertime anytime chica
She’s a catalougue diva
I’m talking bout the hella down
Run around underground chica
She’s a flirty fashionista
She’s gonna supermodel independent hotly
She’s gonna be whippin leather or whatever on me
She’s working wherever she’s walking strong and fiercly
She’s goin deny any sucka who’s a needy wanna be lover
She needs under the cover
Macho rhythm five fold
With a tight flo – nerves is Ice cold
Who eats them tacos and food from moraco
Don’t stop fly beana Gustavo
Neva eva will she lie insisting resist
Neva will she lie in a bed w/o bliss
Neva she goin step in ride, and not process
The deep forfeit, of missing out on uhhh!!!!

Modelos y bon bon
Nu na na
She goin strut strut strut strut
Strut strut strike a pose girl

She nasty, She’s freaka
Hella loud when she’s gonna cum around squeaka
Nasty, I squeeze ha
Candles are burning and butter is churning
Shouldn’t shun her, even amish keep her
Fo no reason, exept she v secrets
Every fresh season
Every single pose is unique
And every style is wild and chic
She could strut a mile no sleep
A vile slip slap, Miss thang s back diva
She’s the extra cheese pizza
The only one talking in the theatre
T’ lucretia, Sabrina, teresa, Shaniqua is on the phone speak – ah
Talking bout the Nuevo shanel keepas
Every single item aint closet aint cheapa
Flying nueva york
Every single fashion weekend – uhhh

Fuerte aldente
I’m the spicy fettuchini mechate
She likes to cut it all raw caliente
Screamin onomonopie violente
She likes a bik ram tae bo
Hunnit c hottie in te lam bo
She does tai chi kwan do
A lingerie mortal Rambo
She’s a lui kang fire ball chica
Akuma kickin tatsumaki strippa
She can bruce lee side kicka a creepa
Dim sum dim mak technika jumba juice
Carrots – and tequila shots – and
Oranges and necterines and grenadine straight to the top
Shes gtet her drink on
With vitamins ready to shop
Interlinked on
With twitter and tinder coffeee then dinner, maybe
Fe fi fo fum pinot noir and chocalates
She wants that bossanova ambience
Candlelights with the playing forth flaw a less
She’s walking up , coffee ready for some organic
She’s bumpin 2pfacolypse, she’s hip she’s rocking it
She luvin life with a sensual awesomeness
Uh hella dreamy nefertteti politicly philophical
Supermodel with a complishements yeeahhh!