Sexy Sexy Chola Queen


And I swear,
That miniskirts, got me thinking I don’t give a fuck
I’m gonna spit that greezy game around and test my luck
I’ll smile for you baby
then I’ll bounce and duck, I’m gonna dip for real yeah

And I swear I
I’m gonna spit that juicy game, cuz I don’t give a fuck
I’m gonna sweep that honey off her feet and go nuts
I’m gonna win for real baby
hope she’s down to ride
cuz I’m a bad mother fucking cholo

Sexy cholo
cuz I’m a bad one
Sexy chola
Cuz I’m a get one

Cuz get it good, get it right
she can do it all night
she’s a sexy sexy chola queen

Lodi Dodi doo
I’m a addicted to you
but you’ll never know
cuz i’m mister super cool
I love tights, I love heels
I love woman dressed to kill
I love love, I love love
I love love, I love loving baby
hold me down,
I’m going get feel you up and down
I’m going make you run around my little finger
round and round
don’t sweat it girl
what you got
I’m going make you mad and hot
I’ll intimidate you, pounce and stop
I’ll invigirate you with laughs and plots and thoughts of twisted
voyeristic missions of submission
hand cuffed by venutian love
can you handle it?
melted candlesticks, sense of passioness, ambience, crimson fabricness, ooohhh
words are my toy thang
I’m your boy thang
I’ll make your toes curl and your voice sang
plus I’m hoping i’ll keep you joking
I’ll push you good til groping,
provoking intellectual groping
and pinot noir toasting
I’m coasting, I’m invoking love baby
get it good, love baby get it good
love baby get it good

good thang,
She’s a good, she’s a good, she’s a good thang

Soulfully twisted
Martinis explicit
the ladies they talking,
I’m smiling, I listen
I’m vicious, precocious,
mitosis, atrocious
unruly ferocious
marooned in oceans of love potions baby
Get it girl, let’s go get it
jacuzzi, wine and fine linens
gourmet buffet cuisine pimpin
leather sofas and incense
I’m so sickness, show me love with the quickness
all business, on the 405 slippery slickness,
merry christmas, unwrappin rappin for the woman
Roscoe’s waffles and chicken with no morning sickness baby