Stilo Mexico Redux

Working hard, 3, 4, 5 jobs
that’s stilo mexico
People ask me if I nine trey gang bang
I’m gonna have to say no
I’m a cholo 2.0
I’m a thug life Ross Perot
I’m a Duke Nukem soldier
anti-partisan when I vote
Get it out of my throat
Make a cake a go smoke
Making music, playing FIFA
making money is my goal
Back it up no tough no grind
Back it up no poke no sign
Back it up no pay no mind
thoughts awake and chains aside

Stilo Mexico, thats how I get all my dough x2
Victamized, that shit no mas
Reconize that shit allright

Ho slip, no shit
bullshit, I’m spitting straight from the hip
I’m supersized larger than life
Get it good on point no knife
I’m hella sharp, ballet dancing
Plie on your face and smack it
hella fire no platinum package
I’m on the bus,
king of rappin
that’s wassup you know my name
no alias, just bold and plain
formally known as FBG
But I studied hard to write symphonies
All you know you can’t mess with this
Take a picture and have sex with this
Record execs perplexed with this
Independent and blessed with this
Book knowledge, street knowledge
MCdees to music college

Call me Mr. Ill
cuz I don’t need no record deal
I’m hella cholo, I’ll say what I want
wear what I got when I want
My Mexicaness si se puede
Yes we can shit didn’t change it
Same ol thang, different day
don’t con me dude, no naci buey
I’m hella tough, I don’t back down
pick your own fruit from the ground
I’m tired of people talking shit of
hard working immigrants
Build your wall as high as you want
and clean your own smelly bathroom stalls
I came up, I ain’t playing
I’m hella truth, I ain’t playing