The Conundrum of Evil

I remember taking my college philosophy course and most of it had to with different stances on evil. Mark Twain said that if God were all Good then why is there evil? I think that is a good question and I’ve always believed that there is no such thing as absolute morality but a relative morality depending on the context of the situation. For example, “though shall not kill” means you shouldn’t kill anyone, except in a situation of survival and if you need to defend yourself. I don’t think you should turn the other cheek if someone puts a gun to your face. I think there are times when passive resistance is really stupid. If someone is threatening your life then I think ‘thou shall not kill’ will actually ‘get you killed’.

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty. I think evil is bad, but it isn’t necessarily ‘bad’, because if its our job to recognize it and try to overcome it. If we are children of God then by definition it’s our responsibility to grow up and try to make the best decisions we can. God would be doing us a disservice as a parent, if he let us get away with whatever and not have any consequences of our actions. If God is all knowing and powerful and ‘la la la’ then why does he keep the Devil around? Couldn’t God just delete him from existence? But no, the story goes like the Devil was a fallen angel and he got really jealous and wanted to do things his own way. Then the devil said he would try to corrupt as many people as he could. Well then maybe God said, ‘ok devil, good, maybe you can help show them the light’. After all if the devil was God’s favorite angel in the first place, maybe he is doing God’s most important task of all, which is helping us make the distinction from right and wrong and helping us learn how to become good human beings.

Whether you believe in god or the devil or not, it really does not matter. The point is that you need to believe in yourself, and learn. Suffering is a part of life and shit happens, but it is how we stand up for our right to live decent lives that should be more important than blaming god, the devil, or others for our fortunes or misfortunes. We should always think of how our own thoughts and actions affect our own lives and the lives of others.

Good Luck.