I’m on Fire

Sex pose
Strip tease
Give me sex, sex, sex
Uh huh uh huh

Beans, rice, enchiladas
margaritas with my momma
don’t tell me to not hot sauce
strike a pose bitch – i’m a boss
I get stupid, I get drunk
get the munchies with good skunk
I see London, I see France
Bitch, stop staring at my ass
get it, forget about the edible face talk, sweet twitterness
and variatal grapes
A simpleton haste in a simpleton place
so many toys I’ll make a simpleton break
I’m a Jungle lova – keep a secret
somebody screamin, doors locked
somebody strugglin, wigglin, bleeding
never will the cops find em breathing
just somebody hanging and pleadin
i’ll go ahead and repeat it
I’m on fire

Get it, get it, get it – good
I’m soo mis understood
I see London, I see France
and your still staring – at my ass
I told you once and I told you twice
I’m so bitch miss naughty nice
If you want it, I’ll give you some
make you cross-eyed, purr and hum
Nasty boys say “what it do”
limpy nerdy boys don’t have a clue
get it, get it, do it
slip a twenty to do it do it
a slippery conduit
a wrap on, mister creepy
I’ve been drinking, i’m so freaky
I’m like shake it, shake it, shake it cum
I’m shape shift sticking like Shang Tsung