Kimchi Burrito

Kimchi burrito!
It’s spicy, and tasty

Bitch don’t touch that taco
Bitch don’t touch my taco

Oooh my taco
Bitch don’t touch my taco
Bitch don’t touch that taco

I’m crazy, people think that I’m on crack
amazing when they hear me switch that rap
I’m blazing canabil cannibus crap
don’t faze me
I’m vogue-ing in the 90’s back
I’m boss – slap a homie
see i’m pissed and I’m pissed drunk with tacos and
and he forgets my sauce
I dont tip that
I keep sipping my booze
I’m gonna tap that, and liven up my food
have you heard of it
kimchi soul
It’s all I dream about
soju soul
I go tip top shape into the bbq don’t stop
I drip and dribble drabble
I live that
I’m loving all I eat
cuz the booze don’t stop and the bulgogi’s double dipped
I’m done yeah
I’m drunk and hella food
I’m gonna drink some mas with the homies in the crew