Renaissance Ninja

Bang, bang, allright
I’m wassup its my time to go bat
I’ma have to jack your crew
solo style with my flow and prove
that oohh yeah judo chop in this mothafucker
block in this mothafucker, pop and a damn
black belt and so fresh
my style so James Bond and coquet
I’m James Brown soul and cold and so def
flow ala B.G. gets you so wet
How you gonna drop me?
stop beats like these
on 3, lets see, I be
honestly the track trap on
wobblin basses and rappin
whatever its crackin’
A Live its on, survivor zone,
the drivers zone, the microphone
the drive is on – uhh

Back for the second set
my spaceship beats gonna make you sweat
I swoop on the popular
poppin’ ya, dropin’ ya
locking both arms with king tut palms
I windmill ninjitsu on call
akuma ragin demon yall?
I’m hip hopin in the locker hall
Ain’t flippin the flip flop
politican lollipop
tapatio ’til I drop
Beans, rice, cheese overseas
cuz I’ll take you to the taco shop
that’s wassup, rap it up
and smack it up and laugh it up
cuz my vernculating cunning rhymes is so fly
guess why?
Jeet Kune Do, that’s how I flow
write shit down my formless flo
uber oozes like TMNT
I’m a renaissance ninja
I thought you knew

Post Picasso prose awakes comatose
It don’t stop cuz that’s the hip hop
Over saturation on top chains us down to platinum
and slaves us down to bland flock
What have you done for me lately but
remind me of how shiny and pricy your icy life be
forget the lime light fortified by frost bite
some how wealth equals sex equals money, power, and respect?
How can life be like chasing illusions of gain
perpetuating pain on top of a pyramid game
only for selfishness?
How can we raise a generation without questioning
the tools that we’re slippin’ in our pockets
are preventing the potential to realize never dying diviness?
I think I am, I am I think
I question life and wisdom seek