The Thuglife Manifesto

I don’t give a shit about Art. I really don’t give a shit. I’m all about the money. Art is a product I can sell. How can my art make me money?

I am an anti-capitalist, anti-formalist, anti-intellectual, anti-Christ, anti-anti-Christ, and anti-Bullshit motherfucker. I was born in a society where, if you don’t make money, you don’t eat.

I am a thunderbolt of divine creativity. I am god manifested in three dimensions. But who gives a shit, unless I can make money and pay off my absurd amount of student loan debt. I am a highly educated and motivated individual, yet I find myself financially destitute.

What is my artistic process?  How do I conceptualize my work? Who gives a flying fuck! Don’t bullshit me. Music just comes into my head and I write it out, and I work on it until I’m sick of looking at it. In the process of idea-to-publish-ready masterpieces, I am constantly thinking of how it’s going to get performed, recorded and sold to the mass public for some money in my pocket.  I keep it real.

What I really want to do as an artist is find more ways of incorporating that thing called ‘Art’ into commercially viable avenues. How can we as ‘Artists’ empower ourselves and work with other Artists to make money and survive in this fucked-up-capitalistic-American society? That’s what’s really missing from our education as artists. We might get a seminar in how to balance a checkbook, but nobody teaches us how to make money. Nobody teaches how to use our gifts as artists, to be able to survive outside of the unemployment line! We spend so much time learning our craft and having pseudo-intellectual discussions with ourselves that we forget the most important things about being Artists-that is how to make a living being Artists and stay Artists.

Thug Life bitch.